10 date ideas to Spice up your Life

Stuck on ways to rekindle the romance? Here are some date ideas to spice up your life. For every boy and every girl. 

1) Discover new music. Find out the local spot where the musos like to jam and pick a random artist. You may discover a passion for jazz or be reminded of your teenage angst in the screams of hardcore. 

2) Wet your whistle by having a craft beer tasting afternoon. Craft Cartel gets these bad boys delivered monthly or quarterly- which means you can look forward to a regular date afternoon of delish beers by the pool. 

3) Pick a new box set and then actually buy the DVDs. Too often we are restricted by the whims and woes of internet and this way you can take your laptop and relax under the stars. Bring back the days where admiration was held for the DVD bookcase. 

4) Eat an entree, main and desert at three different restaurants. Best to do on a weeknight so you aren't stuck in a line dance for half the night. 

Simon and I in our early dating days

Simon and I in our early dating days

5) Re-enact the first time you met. It might require booze and a hazy club or it might be frolicking at the spring carnival (hello Ryan Gosling in the Notebook)- either way it will bring back some fond memories- especially for you long time lovers.

6) Go out for ice-cream but choose each others flavours. We tried this and I was given a delicious $18 frozen yoghurt combo, where I picked for him a $9 not so crazy mix. We were both stoked.  

7) Buy each other a CD of a band that reminds you of them. Remember the days of when you would play your parents old CD's and tapes? There is a little bit of magic in being able to own the CD rather than just scrolling through a music list. 

8) Go halves in the responsibilities of organizing a date. One person organizes the meal, the other organizes the entertainment. Who says skinny dipping and Thai food don't mix?

Bli Bli Castle- Who knew we had a castle in Australia

Bli Bli Castle- Who knew we had a castle in Australia

9) Be a tourist for a day but in your own hood. We did this and discovered we lived down the road from a castle. Yep an actual castle. In Australia.  

10) Have one person buy some popcorn and frozen coke from the movie theatres whilst the other person sets up their living room with a tonne of pillows and blankets. Each pick a movie and have a more personal movie night- but still with the salty, sugary treats.