Job Description: Mother

Looking for a job before I had a baby was a task that I took completely for granted. I would look at a job as if it was a new adventure- could it take me over seas, could it expand my expertise..the limits were endless. Free work? Yes please! Jobs where I was away for days at time? Well, why not? 

There was a little part I forgot to consider. What would I do if I decided to have a baby? As for being a stay home mum- well that idea seemed about as likely as me becoming a high end fashion model. 

But here I am! Self proclaimed stay at home mother to a beautiful 13 month old. It is the most challenging, amazing, coffee inducing, lovable job that I've ever experienced. However the internal struggle likes to occasionally rear it's ugly head. Do I stay at home or do I return to work?

If I were to unravel the layers of whether I should return to work or not- I think it now comes down to wanting to spend every moment possible with my daughter verse wanting to develop myself into someone that she could be proud of or aspire to be.

So I decided to start my blog. Regardless of whether it brings any financial relief, it is allowing my mind to begin to grind its gears again, filling it with useful and intriguing information as well as creating beautiful friendships with like minded people. 

But then comes the mum guilt. Am I spending too much time on my phone? Do I really need to be on the computer this much? Do I spend enough time with my partner? Should I get a regular job so we can get ahead financially?

The beauty of mum guilt is that feeling guilty is a symptom of wanting to be the best person/mum/partner you can be. It is a great reminder that we are only trying to do our best. Still, it sucks. It makes decisions tough, it keeps mothers up night after night and it is the best way to ensure your self confidence drops as low as the girls in the club on a Saturday night. 

For me, continuing to be a stay at home mum is the best decision. Whether it is going back to work or staying at home- your decision will only work if it is something that feels right for you and works for you family.

For some mothers, returning to work is the best option. For others, staying at home works best. Both options are perfect. You have made the right decision.  

Instead of questioning mums on what they would like to do, give them a compliment instead. Tell them how fantastic they are. Tell them they are doing a great job. You will make their day- I promise.