Five life hacks for every twenty something year old

It's late at night and you are on your phone doing the ritualistic monotonous scroll through Instagram. Once again it is an array of partially dressed men and women, flaunting their delicious bods whilst holding designer hand bags. Meanwhile you are scraping silver from the backseat of your car in hopes of getting enough coinage to order the Maccas cheeseburger in a meal. Never fear, here are some tips to help you survive your twenties whilst still appearing fabulous at life.

1) Cook a meal that is tasty or healthy (hey why not both?) and make a feast that can last a few nights. It saves money and time which means you can waltz in the door after work, pour a glass of wine and then Netflix and chill. Take a photo on day one (when it is in it's finer glory) and hopefully look like you are in the running for Master-chef . Side note: Also doubles as a lifesaver when you've had a few tequilas and can't find the closest kebab store.

2) Buy a bottle of bleach and sit it next to the toilet. Every few days, pour it in, leave for ten minutes and flush.  Do this before guests come over and throw on a little vanilla scented candle and you will feel like the Harry fricken Potter of cleaning with the sparkliest toilet in town.

3) Trying to take a decent pic but the last three weeks of washing is in the backdrop of every photo? If your life is a looking a little cluttered, pick up everything that is either on the floor or on the bench and store it away in the cupboard. Say goodbye to books or sauce bottles lying around, stuff them in the cupboard and voila, your room will be on par with the latest home renovation shows.

4) Talcum powder. This is the stuff of gods. Haven't purchased any dry shampoo lately? Just dust a little talcum powder into those greasy roots. If you have blonde hair you can be a little bit heavy handed which will likely result in people complimenting you on how lovely your new hair looks. Put too much on and it will result in being able to pat the top of your head to create a magical powder cloud.

5) Unable to afford every latest fashion trend? Buy an outfit that you absolutely love and then wear it around different groups of people. Then wear it again. Wear it repeatedly without shame. We all deserve to feel fabulous. Just try to avoid photos.

Lastly, your twenties is a time to be wonderful, selfish, poor and responsible but most of all be wild and free.