KidloLand Review: An educational app for toddlers to preschoolers

KidloLand App

As a millennial mum, we are often faced with the decision of whether or not we should use screens as a form of entertainment or for educational use. With tablets, phones and televisions easily accessible, our generation is fast becoming accustomed to the idea that technology is a growing part of our children's life. Recently KidloLand gave me the opportunity to explore the KidloLand app; an educational app designed for toddlers through to preschoolers.

Milly and I usually play children's songs through YouTube, so I was interested in seeing how the KidloLand app would compare. Would it be saturated in ads? Would there be age appropriate activities? We opened the app together and I was instantly pleasantly surprised. There were no advertisements (I'm forever having to skip inappropriate ads on YouTube), there's a HUGE database of activity/song/educational stories and songs and the graphics were bright and cheerful. 

My favourite part of the app is that there were activities accessible to all age groups. Screen time is kept to a minimum in our household, however, with the KidloLand app you can play music and stories without the child always looking at the screen. For the big kids, there were games and activities galore that teach them skills ranging from maths, comprehension, problem-solving and phonics. Basically, this app is perfect for a family- especially those who have multiple children from different ages groups. 

There are different subscriptions available depending on your device! You can subscribe to a monthly plan, 6 monthly plan and for the best deal, I would recommend subscribing for an entire year. Once you have downloaded the app and the songs or games you wish to use, the app no longer needs to be connected to the internet. This means you can have a list of songs, games or activities that can be accessed whenever and wherever you need without a connection to the internet. KidloLand will literally be your one stop shop for all games, songs and family fun for your child. 

Have you used KidloLand before? What educational apps would you recommend? 

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