My number one piece of advice for a new mum

Advice is given by the truckloads the moment you announce you are growing a little peanut. Eat this, drink that.. Whilst at the same time you are trawling through as many pregnancy books as possible  just to make sure everything lines up under the "normal" tab. So what advice could I possibly offer to a brand spanking new mum?

Make sure you get out of the house. 

For me it was so easy to slip into pajamas and forget about the world as I became lost in my dreamy girls eyes. However there became a moment when leaving the house felt more stressful then what it was worth and I would rattle off excuses for why I remained behind closed doors.

"It's too hot"

"That doesn't fit in with the sleeping schedule"

"We were up all night"

Though most of these rang true, I couldn't ignore the fact that we hadn't left the house in weeks and my pajamas were now what I considered to be "fashion".

The truth was, being in public with a new born for the first time was terrifying. What if she didn't stop crying? Will people think I am a bad mum? What if I'm doing something wrong?

The anxiety was very real. Then one day after feeling irritable and bored after mindlessly watching another re-run of Grey's Anatomy, I decided to slip on a baby carrier and attempt to re-enter the world outside. And my god, it felt amazing. I walked to the park like I was Queen B and finally felt like I had achieved something for the day. This progressed into finding activities for the both of us to attend so that I had a commitment, a reason to leave the house. Activities at the library, swimming lessons and music groups became our best friends. Not only did it mean we got out of the house but we both were able to interact with other kids and adults. 

I know the days can run into one big mushy blob but it is so easy to forget that we need interaction and activities as well. So new mama, try to step outside the house, even for five minutes and feel the fresh air on your face. I guarantee it will brighten up your day.