5 Life lessons that I have learned from my Toddler


Toddlers are little whirlwinds of joy and chaos, sometimes tipping us over the edge of insanity. As parents, we often feel as though our sole responsibility is to teach our children the ways of the world, the rules and the expectations. But what if our toddlers could teach us all some life lessons? Recently, it's come to my attention that my toddler has some pretty cool concepts about life that I need to start implementing into my worldviews. Here are my favourite five life lessons that I've learned from my toddler. 

Oktoberfest Brisbane: Our Bavarian Adventure

Oktoberfest Brisbane

Last Sunday, our little family stepped into a Bavarian bonanza known as Oktoberfest Brisbane. As we entered the festival grounds, I stood in awe at the culture change and decor they had crafted to set the Oktoberfest mood. As we wandered through the festival grounds, we were met by women and men dressed in brightly coloured dirndls and lederhosen, adding to the festive vibe and experience. 

Going Wild at Taronga Zoo

Why I am passionate about working from home- A COLD CUP OF CHLOE

Armed with suitcases, baby seats and strollers, we crossed the border and headed deep into NSW territory. With a toddler under one arm and a suitcase under the other, we somehow managed to survive our first flight as a family of three. The temperature dropped, the layers were added and we entered a world where winter definitely had arrived. So what could three adventurous amigos do during a family holiday down south?