Hello there, my young friends

Welcome to my blog! I’m a twenty something millennial gal who has a psychology degree, a semi filled passport and a desire to change the world.

This blog is dedicated to the millennial mums who have stumbled into motherhood.

We are tech savvy, know how to contour and we led the way to mastering selfies.

We grew up in the days of Sailor Moon, Myspace and goon sacks but that hasn’t stopped us from becoming fabulous women determined to have it all.

And now, in what feels like the craziest journey since that backpacking trip back in 08, we have found ourselves standing here as mothers.

Social media is at our fingertips, opinions are flying off the shelves faster than the Kardashians and we are being drowned in information on how to be the “Perfect Parent”. The internet should be a way for us to connect with our mum tribes and instead it has become the battleground of an ugly war between judgmental keyboard warriors.

So millennial mumma, welcome to your safe space. Let's begin to empower each other.  Here is a place where you can laugh, cry and connect with women who aren’t afraid of a little success and a little kindness. So pick up that morning coffee (which will inevitably be cold #mumlife) and relax.

And enjoy, A Cold Cup of Chloe