Hey there, I'm Chloe

Let me fill your cup with stories of parenting, lifestyle and giving back to the community. 

I'm a mid twenties mother, lover and psychology graduate. I enjoy the finer things in life, like which cheese will match my wine as well as how to survive a week eating the ultimate bulk meal.

I have a roaring passion for helping others and have discovered the most beautiful souls hidden away within the orphanages of Africa or within the youth on our streets.

Sometimes I like to adult, sometimes I don't.

Relationships in my life are similar to takeaway coffees; they are strong, hot and sometimes a little bitter. I have discovered a new love since becoming a parent; an unconditional love that has caused me to question every ounce of who I am. 

So who am I? Join me on this incredible journey where we can divulge our stories on parenting, life and your connections with the community. 

Sit back, relax.

And enjoy A Cold Cup of Chloe.