Top five things to do before having a baby


Get married, buy a house and have a stable career. Sounds like the perfect combination to have a baby right? But reality is, most parents are still yet to complete this list and still manage to raise perfectly capable, amazing little humans. So what activities should you indulge in before taking the plunge into parenthood?

1) Eat out. I don't mean KFC or the local Thai. I mean go out to eat in fancy as heck places. Sure, you can go out to eat with a baby. That is, only if you enjoy playing an intense game of who can shove the most food in their mouth whilst the other tries to fend off the crowds/soothes a crying baby. And if you leave the baby at home? Chances are you end up scoffing down your meal anyway. Let's face it- when you become a parent, eating like rabbits quickly becomes regimented in your DNA.

2) Save money. I know this is cliche and a little boring but I have more savings now compared to when my partner and I were both working full time.  Oh I have no spare cash I hear you say. I used to believe the same but truth was I didn't plan grocery shopping correctly and I would waste money on trivial junk. And shots. And cocktails. Save some money now so that when you go out for mum coffee dates (Trust me, you will go on A LOT) you have a spare bit of cash.

3) Have parties/BBQ's at your place. When you are childless, having people over is easy. Add a baby to the picture and all of a sudden you turn into a crazy ninety year old woman screeching to turn the music down. 

4) Go to the movies.  No one really mentioned to us that you can't take a baby to the movies (probably common sense but cha know) and now I find myself craving the salty popcorn and ridiculous sized frozen cokes whilst watching a giant sized Leonardo.

5) Stay up late. Now I know you are probably thinking, what about the sleep? Don't all parents want more sleep? But enjoy all nighters. Stay up and watch the sunset with friends. Be the last to leave a nightclub. And then enjoy sleeping alllll day the next day. Enjoy watching Netflix and crying into your Powerade about how hungover you are. Add a crying child to the mix of that and basically you are in a living hell. 

Finally, once you do take the plunge to parenthood, enjoy every moment. Because I can guarantee no cocktail or fancy steak will compare to the roller coaster of love that you feel for your tiny beautiful human. Your world will be rocked.