Hush little baby

Let me set the scene. It's that heavily anticipated time of day where you can enjoy five minutes of heaven. The toes curl with excitement as you head over to that cupboard and run your fingers over the enticing plastic. You are mindful of the noise but its hard not to have a bounce in your step as you await for the soft buzz to finally come to a boil. Ah instant coffee. It's nap time and you can finally relax, sip that packet coffee and mindlessly scroll through Facebook. 

And then the faint beep of the phone indicating its flatness threatens to ruin your delicious child free time. You find yourself becoming a ninja back into the room, creeping past the sleeping infant like cat woman and of course landing right on a toy that wakes the sleeping beauty up. Their eyes burst open, staring in shock and confusion. Her eyes scream of how dare yous. You have milliseconds to decide your next move.

So what do you do?

At first I used to jump straight into action with my shushes and pats which inevitably resulted in her either waking up completely or occasionally shutting her eyes to drift back into a restless slumber. But then I discovered the "Stop and freeze" move. All you have to do is stop, shut your eyes and freeze. My partner even throws in some sleepy heavy breathing as well to complete the maneuver. Nine times out of ten, the little darling shuts her eyes and goes right on back to sleep. No shushing or pats required.

So next time you find yourself accidentally sabotaging nap time, give the "Stop and Freeze" move a try. And if it works, spread the word. I swear this stuff is pure gold.