Oktoberfest Brisbane 2018


Roll up, roll up. It’s time to don your dirndl or lederhosen for this years Oktoberfest Brisbane event! Oktoberfest Brisbane 2018 is back with a bang, ready to provide endless hours of entertainment for you and the family.


There is an abundance of activities for everyone to enjoy. Last year, Milly, Simon and I went and were pleasantly surprised at how well it catered for families. Rides? Tick. Delicious food? Tick. Live music? Tick. A chance to experience German culture? Tick! Milly was just shy of turning two at the time but was still able to jump on the rides and have a dance with the crowd.


This year we are looking forward to seeing the ‘Münchner Buam’ – Bavarian Oompah band again.

In the words of Oktoberfest Brisbane,

“ You know it’s an important occasion when the band makes a special trip from Bavaria to entertain the crowds, here in Brisbane, Australia.”

Last year the band had everyone up on their feet, dancing to classic German tunes while still throwing in a few old goodies. Even I was caught up in the atmosphere, and I was heavily pregnant! Who knows what dances move I will pull this year now that I have finally had the baby. You will just have to come along to see...

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