Flexible Work: Where can you find it?

Flexible work. It feels like the holy grail of work conditions. Millennials dream of a life where they can choose their own hours, days and even locations to suit their lifestyle or family needs. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to see the benefits of flexible work leaving families in situations where they are unhappy in their workplace and are pushed into making financial or family sacrifices. 

Families are often hit the hardest when employers fail to meet flexible work expectations. When a baby is born a woman is often offered different work hours or time off, yet the father is expected to continue working the 9-5 grind. Recently, in the Sydney Morning Herald, a spokesman on industrial relations Adam Searle (Labor), stated that "If men are not permitted flexibility in working hours, it will impair women's ability to participate in the workforce".  He also adds, "Why should parenting responsibilities fall only on women? Why should male workers not be allowed to work flexibly to participate more fully in family life?"

Flexible hours are becoming an important issue for millennials as the option for internet based services become available. As promised, I've compiled a list of companies that offer flexible work, all around the globe! 

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