Going Wild at Taronga Zoo

Armed with suitcases, baby seats and strollers, we crossed the border and headed deep into NSW territory. With a toddler under one arm and a suitcase under the other, we somehow managed to survive our first flight as a family of three. The temperature dropped, the layers were added and we entered a world where winter definitely had arrived. So what could three adventurous amigos do during a family holiday down south?

We went to Zoo!

Thanks to Experience Oz we were able to explore the wild world of animals on an epic family adventure to Taronga Zoo. Firstly we boarded the Hop on Hop off Ferry, where we able to cruise past the striking Sydney Harbour Bridge and the famous Opera House before setting our sights on Taronga Zoo. And this is where things really got wild.

Firstly we checked out some salty seals, where Milly became entranced by their smooth moves and cheeky personalities. We then headed towards the elephants where we met a new baby elephant- who only weighed 170kgs! Afterwards we trekked our way on to the Kid's Trail where we were able to get up close and personal with animals such as emu's, wombats and even spiders!

After venturing past some familiar Australian friends, we then arrived at my favourite part of Taronga Zoo; The African Safari. Here we were treated to the wildest of animals ranging from curious zebras, Himalayan Tahrs overlooking Sydney Harbour and feisty chimpanzees. The chimpanzees playing with their young reminded me of how Milly and I chase each other around the house and gave us all a bit of a giggle.

We ended the day on a high as we sat aboard the ferry, cruising the Sydney Harbour with our hearts and bellies full. We had a beaut of a day and if you are visiting Sydney I highly recommend checking out Taronga Zoo with your family. For tickets that include the Taronga Zoo pass plus the Hop on Hop off Ferry, head to https://www.experienceoz.com.au/en/sydney/taronga-zoo-entry-with-24-hour-ferry-pass/taronga-zoo-including-24hr-hop-on-hop-off-ferry-pass .

Have you visited Taronga Zoo before?