Oktoberfest Brisbane: Our Bavarian Adventure

Oktoberfest Brisbane

Last Sunday, our little family stepped into a Bavarian bonanza known as Oktoberfest Brisbane. As we entered the festival grounds, I stood in awe at the culture change and decor they had crafted to set the Oktoberfest mood. As we wandered through the festival grounds, we were met by women and men dressed in brightly coloured dirndls and lederhosen, adding to the festive vibe and experience. 

We were immediately drawn towards the bright lights of the rides, excited to let Milly experience a mini rollercoaster. There were rides suitable for all ages- some designed for the thrill seekers; others were family classics like the bumper cars. After using our free two rides for Milly, we found Simon a beer and wandered towards the main stage.

Imagine a huge hall decorated with long wooden tables, bunting, and lighting that brings to life the Oktoberfest experience. You couldn't help but smile as people enjoyed a pint of beer, merrily making memories with their friends and family. The band Münchner Buam was phenomenal and had the crowd rocking out to traditional German tunes as well as some of our favourite classics. Even the good ole chicken dance got a whirl which had the kids (and adults!) up and dancing the night away. 

We also dabbled in a little bit of Oktoberfest history, learning that some aspects of beer are actually healthy! Delicious and nutritious. Throughout the day there were also plenty of activities for children, including sweet little animal farms, face painting, science shows and more. As a festival that is renowned for beer, I was pleasantly surprised at how the event catered for children of all ages. Everything was well organized and thoughtfully curated, from the bubbly entertainment to the cashless system of the festival. 

Oktoberfest Brisbane
Oktoberfest Brisbane

The cashless system was exceptionally easy, and it made the entire process of payment quick and streamlined. It meant that there were little to no lines for food or drinks and you weren't scrambling through your bag to find your cash or card. Best of all, it meant you could keep track of your spendings with your remaining balance being provided every time you made a purchase.

Oktoberfest Brisbane provided us with a beautiful family day to remember. I'd attend the festival again in a heartbeat and perhaps next time try and convince the family to dress up! If this is an event you would like to attend, Oktoberfest Brisbane opens its doors again this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can purchase your tickets here! Children under 18 are free with a responsible adult and will receive two free rides if they attend on Sunday. To find out more about the festival head to https://oktoberfestbrisbane.com.au/