Where To Travel For Sun And Splendour


Most people want sunshine when they go on holiday, but a lot of us want to visit somewhere incredible too. Relaxing on any beach is lovely, of course. Basking in the warm glow of the sun is the same in any destination. Still, if you’re going to soak up some rays, then you might as well do so in a breathtaking location. You can reward yourself by chilling out on a sun lounger after a day of sightseeing in a beautiful destination. Here’s some help if you’re struggling to decide on where to travel for sun and splendour.

California, The United States.
This is the perfect destination for anybody who wants to go somewhere sunny with a lot of things to see and do. Cali is the west coast’s answer to Florida, but it’s a much more exciting state regarding things to do. If you’re going to the States, then you need to do a Californian road trip. Start off by seeing Los Angeles because there’s an endless amount of things to see and do here. Venice Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand with skateparks and market stalls along the boardwalk. Griffith Observatory gives you a stunning view of the L.A. skyline from atop the Hollywood Hills. And a trip to Disneyland is well worth organising while you’re in the city.

The Whitsundays, Australia.
Australia is known for its warm climate and endless sunshine. This is the case no matter where you go in the country, so how do you decide on a single destination? Well, the Whitsundays is a good place to start. It’s possibly the most beautiful region of Australia, and few people would be able to deny that. You need to start by visiting Whitehaven Beach. Glorious sand stretches as far as the eye can see, and you can even get tours that take you to the best parts. You should also try out some of the local cuisines; the crab claw is delicious.

Barcelona, Spain.
Representing Europe, we have Spain. It’s not only one of the sunniest countries in Europe but also one of the most culturally fascinating. And the city of Barcelona is the perfect summary of this. What makes Barcelona unique is the world-famous architect, Gaudi, who designed many of the buildings and sculptures you can still see around the city to this day.

Yes, Barcelona has plenty of lovely beaches to enjoy, but you can enjoy the sun and splendour of the city by wandering along its streets and merely admiring your surroundings. Make sure you see the Sagrada Familia while you’re there. This is the most incredible work of Gaudi’s, and it’s still being built (nearly an entire century after his death). It’s a beautiful cathedral of incredible size and intricate detail. You can only really appreciate it by seeing it in person.