Understanding your child

understanding your child

Parenting- it’s the hardest but most rewarding job in the world. Each little miracle has their own set of individual personality traits which means not every method in the book will work for every child. Part of being a great parent is learning what makes your child unique and understanding who they are as people. Here are some ways you can discover the things that make your little one so unique. 

Encourage independence.

Young children aren’t able to be left alone at home, but this doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to be independent and learn skills that will help them with their confidence and self-esteem. Ask your little one to help you with the household chores, ask their opinion and show them that you value their input. Show your children the importance of kindness, empathy and understanding through your actions. 

Rewarding your children for their positive behaviour will reinforce positive choices and show them that celebrations come with accomplishments. All the skills you teach your children will be useful later on in life- whether it’s learning to boil a kettle or showing kindness to a deserving stranger. 

Educate your child.

Education can come in all shapes and sizes. Some children learn better through listening, some through creating something with their hands. Even toddlers love to learn about the world and can benefit from puzzles and other educational toys, such as the ones at Bubbalove online baby shop. These toys are designed to be fun and create a challenge for your little ones (without them realising that they’re learning). As your child grows up, you can also encourage self-teaching. Buying your kid a guitar, for example, gives them the chance to learn a new skill and improve their cognitive ability.

Lead by example.

Part of being a parent is learning to lead by example, despite your flaws. No one is perfect, but being a parent also means you need to learn your triggers and stressors. One of the biggest things you can learn to do is to react to situations calmly to help your child learn to deal with their own emotions and rational.  That doesn’t mean your feelings don’t matter; it just means there are a time and a place to deal with them. Just remember that what you do has an impact on your child. 

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