Stomp Out Procrastination for Good!


Ahh, procrastination, we all do it, we all regret doing it, and it can be a royal pain in the neck when we try to rush things later on. When we have a deadline, it is easy to put a task off until later so we can spend more time with our family or doing what we enjoy. However, rushing a task last minute can reduce the overall quality of what you were trying to achieve. Here are some tips to help you stop procrastinating for good this year.

Organise yourself

It is always important to be organised and ready for anything to happen because sometimes life comes along and throws everything out of place and leaves you picking up the pieces. Make sure you always write to-do lists, keep your work in front of you and make sure you schedule enough time each day to complete those tasks with ease. Making sure you have plenty of time to complete tasks is always ideal and will allow things to be done to the best standard.

Take a break

If you have been working on the same piece for hours and hours on end and it just doesn’t seem to be coming naturally to you, you will need to sit back and take a break. You can’t be expected to work on something if you aren’t inspired so don’t force yourself. Take a break for a while and refresh your mind before coming back to the task at a later time or day. This will ensure that you can complete a task without sitting there for days on end with no inspiration.

Stay focused

Staying focused in the workplace and on the tasks at hand can be a challenge in itself. When it comes to learning how to stay focused, you need to sit in a quiet place away from any distractions and just let yourself be alone with your work. This is the only way you will ever get things done on time!

Find inspiration

There is nothing worse than staring at a blank page for hours on end with nothing but your name and date written at the top. It can be incredibly hard for you to work in an inspiring way if you have no inspiration in your surroundings. A lot of the time you need an office reshuffle and some colour on your walls, or you might need to spend some time outside with nature to gain some real work inspiration for your work. Take the time to hunt for motivational and inspirational things and keep them close to you at work. This will allow you to push yourself and make sure that you get your jobs done when they need to be done.