Nurturing Your Mind, Body and Spirit


In life, it’s important to look after yourself.  We’re taught this from being a child, yet often as we have our children, we tend to focus so much on tending to their needs and nurturing them, that we sideline ourselves.

Given how busy so many mothers are, today, it’s understandable why our own needs are pushed to the back of the queue. 

When you think about it, if you’re not nurtured yourself, it’s going to be difficult to nurture others - as you are operating from a depleted state, rather than flowing with abundance.

It's essential that you start taking good care of yourself and nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

Nurturing your mind is all about developing a productive mindset that supports you in the way you see yourself.  A lot of times, people are stuck in a place of low self-esteem or negativity due to the things they feel about themselves and how they perceive the world.  

Your mind is possibly your most powerful asset, even more so than your physical body. Your mind controls the body - meaning if you fail to nurture your mind, your body will follow suit and start manifesting external representations of your internal state of unease; known as dis-ease.

It doesn’t take much to nurture your body, but it is one of the most important things you could do. It could be as simple as drinking a fresh organic vegetable juice each morning or putting on a face and hair mask a couple of times a week. Even wearing clothes and Boho accessories that lift your spirit.  

If we take spirit to be your emotional self, then we can see just how vital it is to spend time nourishing our emotional state.  This is all about doing things that fulfil you, and are just for you, such as hobbies or a nice long candlelit bath.  If you’re feeling down in spirit, then this will affect every aspect of your life. Working on your spirit/emotional self will help your relationships flourish. 

In summary, it’s important you give something back to yourself and replenish all aspects of your being - you’ll feel a lot better in yourself.