Gathering Inspiration for your Art Abroad- How to do it


Artists gather culture and inspiration from the world around them. Even the most introspective writers in history went outside and experienced the world to stay creatively inspired and be inspired by them. Gathering inspiration for your art abroad could be the best thing you ever do to broaden your perspective and build new creative ideas.

Learning from cultures aboard and developing your taste will require you to leave your home, your town, perhaps even your nearest city. Heading abroad and understanding various perspectives and cultural attitudes will build your knowledge, and help you develop your taste in art. Inspiration is in many avenues, but perhaps heading outside of your comfort zone could be regarded as the most life-changing and profound method. So why not try it?

If hoping to inspire your art abroad, you may consider the following:

Rental Setups

Taking your time abroad to absorb inspiration is essential. First, you need to familiarise yourself with the new environment. From there, you would do well to ingratiate yourself in the local culture. Then, you may decide to study a specific artistic inspiration, introduce yourself to the scene there, perhaps begin to build connections to help you view an inside look into processes. You never know if heading to a social event connecting artists in a country might gain you access to a specialist group, a specialist resource or some other form of fantastic utility that can inform your art. You may take part in collaborative projects to help synchronise your excellent work with the work of someone else you respect in this group. 

In other words, heading abroad can often be helped by not passing through for inspiration, but allowing the local culture to soak into your skin. For this reason, deciding to embark upon a temporary living situation could surely be one of the best things you ever do in this scenario. You may choose to rent a barge down a canal known for its bohemian culture, or perhaps enjoy more normal surroundings (yet beautiful in the foreign environment,) by finding a studio apartment for rent in KL.

Doing this can put you in a prime personal position to help you begin focusing on your art, and learning the culture that you are now part of. This is where the real fun begins.

Art Schools

Many international art schools are offering their courses to people from different countries. This can be an excellent choice to make, because in some places your course may even be subsidised. For example, there was a time in the mid to late 2000s where Germany was funding film courses for those who wanted to enter, especially from the international community. This is because the government was pushing to enhance its creative presence in the art film industry, hoping to gain prestige through the international film festival cultures and events.

Following The Action

While art can reflect the world back onto us, it is entirely informed by it. From music to painting to sculpture to writing to musical patterns, all art takes the world around it to create something new, perhaps for its own sake or to make a statement. No matter where on the spectrum your interest lands, it is essential to follow the action to build on your artistic taste and knowledge.