Flexible Work You Can Fit in Around Your Family


With the age of the internet upon us, the idea of being able to work flexibly and around family is becoming easier to achieve. So, where do you start? And while we’ve touched on this topic before, it’s time to revisit what other options are now available for those seeking flexible work. Here are a few different ideas that you can try!

Communications Might Be the One

Whether you want to be a coordinator or a manager or a researcher, or maybe you have an eye for the marketing side of things, and you’d like to run some focus groups, there’s going to be both part-time and full-time work, as well as a freelancing position. Lend yourself out on contract to some companies when you can manage it, and watch the money rack up while you do!

Why Not Try Out Real Estate?

Real estate is something you can either go into already established, or start up all on your own when you have the time and energy to. And it really can be as simple as that; the training doesn’t take too long compared to more traditional degree programs, and once you pass for your real estate licence, you’re going to be able to open up your company!

And that’s the most flexible idea to go along with - you’re an agent, you’ll probably be working on commission, and you’re going to be able to work whatever hours you choose. You’ll be able to book for viewings and lettings agreements when the diary dictates, and take on more and more people to help you out if need be.

Working around your family doesn't have to be too hard, especially not in the modern day and age. Sure, there are all kinds of bars you need to meet and lines you’re going to have to cross, but there’s a lot more opportunity and availability for people like you. So be sure to look into how flexible your work could become - it’s for the good of your family after all!