Finding the Perfect Fit

finding the perfect fit

Tight straps, jeans that ride up and uncomfortable bras are just a few of the weird and wonderful things women have to deal with when it comes to clothes shopping. With sizes varying depending on the shop and it’s garments, many of us find ourselves sifting through several sizes just to find something that fits. Here are some items in your wardrobe that are worth spending the time when finding the perfect fit. 


Ah, the elusive pair of perfect jeans. It can be such a struggle to find jeans that fit you well- whether they are too short, too tight or too long. Denim isn't the most forgiving material and can be incredibly uncomfortable if you pick the wrong style and size. So how can you find the perfect pair while browsing online shops like The Iconic? Before you begin to browse, find out your waist and leg measurements. This way you can compare them to the various styles and sizes online and find something that is the perfect fit. 

Pencil Skirts and Dresses

A close-fitting pencil skirt or dress can look anywhere from sexy to super professional. If you like a vintage look, a wiggle dress is always a great option. But the wrong fit of skirt or dress can cause undesirable consequences. It's essential to try on a pencil skirt before you buy it (or at least have the option to return it). Although you want it to be close-fitting, it needs to give you room to move too.

Button Blouses and Shirts

Some women can wear button-up shirts and blouses with no problem at all. But for others, they can present a few issues with fit. If you're a busty gal, you might find it difficult to find a shirt that fits on your bust and your waist at the same time. You end up either with extra material or with your shirt gaping open at the buttons. To solve this problem, you might need a shirt that's tailored to fit. 

Blazers and Suit Jackets

If you wear a suit to the office or you just like to pop on a blazer sometimes, a good fit is essential. Sometimes you might wear an oversized jacket on purpose, especially if you're going for a '80s shoulder pads look. But most of the time, you don't want to be drowning in it, and you don't want it to make you look shapeless. Fortunately, most blazers and made with a bit of shape to them already. However, if you want a well-fitting jacket, getting one tailored is the perfect solution.



Did you know that many women wear the wrong bra size without even realising it? Unfortunately, many retailers use the "plus four" system of measuring so that they can sell more of their bras without expanding the sizes they offer. What this means is that instead of using actual dimensions, they add four inches to your underbust measurement - giving you a back measurement two sizes too big. Using this method they can, for example, turn a 30F into a 34DD, because cup sizes are relative to back sizes.

While you can wear bras that are one or two sizes in either direction to your actual size (especially because bras are not in uniform sizes and fits), you need to start with your real size to make it work. If you want to find out your size, try using the bra size calculator by A Bra That Fits, which uses six different measurements to help you find your size. A good foundation with the right underwear will help you make sure your clothes always look good.

We all deserve to have clothes that fit us perfectly and make us feel confident and comfortable. Stop shoving clothes into the back of your wardrobe and find something that makes you feel fabulous and fearless.