Career Options for Fitness Freaks


The fitness market is one which has evolved and transformed rapidly in recent years. And while you may be a fitness freak yourself, have you ever thought about starting a career in this field? If the answer is yes,  then this article is here to give you some inspiration about the most popular jobs that could help you be involved in the fitness game. 

Personal Trainer

More and more people from all walks of life are hiring personal trainers to help them manage all aspects of their fitness lives. If you are looking at getting involved in this job role, you need to look into the types of personal training courses which are available to you. And you then need to find your niche. Perhaps you would like to work with professionals, fitness first-timers, older clients etc. This is a competitive field which you are entering, so it is a good idea to have a clear direction right from the get-go.


Another central role of making sure that people live healthier lives is helping them to choose their diets - and this is one of the main responsibilities of a nutritionist. You will also be designing diet plans for people which are intended to support their other fitness activities. Again, you need to undertake further qualifications to go down this particular path. But if you have a passion for helping people to live more nutritious lives, it could be the right option for you.

Coach or Teacher

Perhaps you have a passion for a particular type of fitness activity or sport. If you think that you can pass on your skills and knowledge to others, a role as a coach or teacher could end up being the perfect option for you. In this kind of job role, you could work for a gym or a fitness centre - or you could strike out on your own. If it is the latter, you will need to make sure that you develop your marketing skills as you are going to need to stand out from the others who are doing something similar.

Physical Therapist

With a rise in the number of people taking part in fitness activities and new treatments developed continually, there comes a growing need for physical therapists. Of course, you will need to have a university qualification to get involved in this particular field, but it is a job role which many people find to be highly rewarding. 

If your passion in life is fitness, it makes sense that you find a career path which is closely related to this field. All of the ones which we have listed above provide you with the opportunity to hone and develop your skills.