Brushing Up! The Simple Mouth Habits We All Should Have

Looking after our children teaches us so many different life lessons. Not only does it help us to be a better parent and caregiver, but it can show us about some of the little things we've been doing wrong our entire lives. After all, we can feel like a hypocrite if we tell our children not to eat sugar because it's terrible for them, but we secretly stuff a few candy bars in our mouth when they're not looking! Mouth habits and teeth cleaning hygiene set our children up for life if we start early enough. But also, there are some things that we don't do ourselves, even though we tell our kids to. So, with that in mind, what are the best mouth habits we should all have?

Mouth Maintenance

You know the drill! Flossing, brushing with the right technique and so on. But the other habit we need to get into is actually going to the dentist. A lot of people shy away from the dentist because it's too scary for kids, or we, as adults, find it pointless because we think we know how to look after our teeth. As they get older, they may need braces, or some “brushing up” on their technique. And even if children are afraid of unsightly braces, there are invisible braces these days that can make even the most self-conscious child beam a smile.

Checking For Abnormalities

It's not just about the basics, but we need to get into the habit of looking for abnormalities. Usually, we don't do anything until we notice a bit of pain in our teeth, but if we look for things early on, like bleeding gums or even sores anywhere in your mouth, including on our lips, we might be lucky enough to have caught a severe disease at a stage where it's easily cured!

Eating The Good Stuff

And, if there's anything that parents and children alike need to do for the sake of their teeth, it's eating the good stuff. It's not just about calcium but recognising the flaws in our diets that can cause problems for our teeth as we get older. Sugar is one, but also, getting into the habit of eating fruits that aren't too acidic. Or if your children love fruit, you can't discourage this, but you can encourage them to drink water afterwards to neutralise the acid. Acidic foods, in general, can wear away at the enamel. So if your children are keen on pineapple and tasty fruit like that, encourage them to eat a dessert after the main meal only, minimising the window in which they eat acidic foods.

We can all take something from good oral hygiene. When our children are young, we have to teach them how to brush their teeth properly, and in us doing this, we may realise we're not doing it correctly at all! And if you're someone who drinks a lot of tea, coffee or red wine, then it's vital you practice what you preach. It's not complicated, but these are simple mouth habits we need to brush up on!