4 Destinations to quench your thirst for adventure

4 destinations to quench your thirst for adventure

There’s a yearning in your stomach, a desire for more. You are sleepless with excitement, the world of possibilities flashing before your eyes. Saving becomes your primary priority as you imagine foods, cultures and nature through new eyes. Let’s face it- you have the travel bug, and you are eager for more. The only question is, where to next?

Here is a list of places to quench your thirst for adventure: 


Warsaw is the capital of and largest city in Poland. Resting along the Vistula River, this city’s greater metropolitan area has well over 3 million residents and has long been a favourite destination for eager travellers. The wealthiest city in Central and Eastern Europe together with Berlin, Warsaw’s old historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is home to a highly-reputed university, a world-famous philharmonic orchestra and the largest national opera in the world. As is the case globally, poor neighbourhoods also gave way to residences for artists in Warsaw and saw inhabited areas with low rents turned into artistic hubs as a result. This is how, for example, the beautiful neighbourhood of Praga was born. Once an area with some of the highest crime rates in the city, Praga is today one of Europe’s most creative neighbourhoods. Its abandoned warehouses and old factories have provided spaces for residence, creation and recreation to the many young artists who have made this area their home. 


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. Lying between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean might be what gives this picturesque city its chilled and relaxing vibe. Being one of the world’s oldest cities has contributed to people increasingly inhabiting the Portuguese capital in recent years. Its Mediterranean climate and laidback attitude of the locals make Lisbon a dream destination for all travellers. The areas Principe Real, Bairro Alto and Baixa are all filled with fashion shops and contemporary galleries. Bairro Alto has many backstreets that provide enormous charm to the district, and the former poor neighbourhood is today filled with alternative shops and fancy hairdressers. These beautiful scenes attract hundreds of Lisbon residents every day and millions of tourists all year round. This guide of what to do in Lisbon will provide you with some little-known tips. 


Berlin is a popular travel destination, and it is easy to see why. It has some of the coolest bars, buildings and places to fall in love with. Unfortunately for the locals, Its once cheap rent has increased by 10 percent over the last two years which is causing unrest with the locals. Still, some neighbourhoods are resisting change and keeping the Berlin traditional culture alive. One of these neighbourhoods is Kreuzberg. Home to students and a large Turkish population, Kreuzberg is today one of Berlin’s most popular neighbourhoods with artists. A poor and somewhat dangerous area 10 years ago, Kreuzberg is nowadays a spot where eclectic bars attract large groups of alternative individuals with Turkish restaurants have some of the cheapest and most delicious food on offer. 


Last but not least, London. The city has changed dramatically since the 1980s and even 90s, and today it is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. This hasn’t deterred Australians from venturing over to the magnificent city, dreaming about running into royalty while downing a delicious pint.  There is plenty to do in London, from visiting famous landmarks to finding quaint bars in the city. There is even a famous Columbia Road Flower Market, which on Sundays sees flocks of plant-lovers acquire the most extravagant flora unseen anywhere else in London. 

The cities above offer limitless entertainment and leisure options for the curious and adventurous at heart. The cosy streets and friendly locals in these beautiful destinations will fulfil your desires to learn more about our magical world.