4 Affirmations Any New Mother Can Tell & Prove To Herself


You might have noticed that pregnancy isn’t always smooth sailing. Of course, your body is changing unlike anything it will have experienced before, but that’s only half the battle. One of the most stressful (and exciting) parts of pregnancy is wondering what kind of mother you’ll be, and how you’ll deal with actually raising a baby. You might be the most effective, organised, maternal person in the world, but you still may have those doubts. We’re here to suggest that you should try to relax and that as long as you have the best interests of your child in your heart, you’re always going to be a great mother. It is a tragedy that mothers across the world hardly give themselves enough credit for being so important and influential in the lives of everyone around them.

No matter how much other people tell you this, however, you’re always going to have a sneaking suspicion that you’re doing everything wrong in the back of your mind. This is part of the worry of motherhood, and it’s one of the reasons as to why you’ll push yourself to do so well. However, it can be unsettling. If no one else can fully confirm to you the brilliance of your upcoming motherhood, sometimes you need to tell yourself a few affirmations to help you think along those lines. Consider, each morning, telling yourself these four affirmations to prove to yourself you are a great mother in the making:

I Am Strong

You are strong. You are able, and you are competent. It’s not always easy for mothers to tell themselves that because often they can feel weak due to the physical stress of pregnancy, or perhaps even going through post-partum depression. As long you have a solid support network around you and express your problems, you deserve to call yourself strong. Sometimes the hardest part is merely asking for help, and there is zero weakness in that. Even if you don’t require this help, you should remind yourself that you are strong. No mother goes through pregnancy and could be defined as a ‘weak person,’ afterwards. It’s just not on the table as a viable term.

Remember, no matter how challenging the wonder of motherhood can be, just telling yourself you are competent and strong enough to deal with it (even when sleep deprived,) can help you stop thinking negative thoughts and instead begin each day with that feeling of determination, which is dramatically crucial for any new mother to keep in mind.

I Am Present

New mothers often have this feeling that they aren’t doing enough. Even when the baby is sound asleep in the cot, cooing away, it’s easy for a mother to feel they have forgotten to do 10,000 things that they absolutely needed to do that day. This is of course, incorrect. Some mothers think this if they are unable to breastfeed, but of course, alternatives like Bubbahood are just as fantastic to use.

Remember, you are present. If you’re there for your baby and applying your best efforts, you are doing enough. You can enlist help if you need it, or share the load with your partner, sibling or parent, but if you’re there for your child and are at all caring for their needs, you likely deserve to give yourself more leniency and stop being so hard on yourself.

I Deserve Care

You deserve to care for yourself also. It might feel that you need to dedicate 24 hours a day to your baby, but of course, that is statistically impossible if you’re to live too. Of course, you should prioritise your baby, that goes without saying. But without catching up on your sleep when you can, eating well, and yes, visiting a therapist if needed, you might burn the candles at both ends and very much regret doing so. You deserve care, because how are you to care for your baby if you’re a shadow of yourself?

I Will Find New Meaning

When you become a mother, you might notice things change in your life quite deeply. An invitation to go to the bar at the weekend might not hold the lustre it used to. Certain friends might drift away from you. This can feel like something to lament, to begin with, but remember, motherhood can change you for the better. This is a new meaning, one with much more depth to it. When you focus on that, your life will be much more nourished.

With these simple affirmations, your mental attitude as a mother is sure to be as true as it should be.