3 Ways to Treat Your Mum This Weekend

Finding a way to show your mum some extra love is actually not that hard at all. Although it depends on the kind of mum you have, most of them will be happy for just a bit of extra appreciation and care - and, as always, a crafty gift is usually far better than a flashy gift.

That’s what makes it so great to treat her a bit extra and make sure that she knows just how much she is loved. Just a cup of coffee when she least expects it or a surprise mummy-daughter trip somewhere will definitely make her day.

Here is a handful of ways to treat your mum a bit better so that you can lean back, knowing that you’re definitely the best daughter she could ever wish for.

Get her something sentimental.

If you have kids, your Mum will definitely love a gift that cherishes the memories of the little ones. Get her a photo album or frame a few of your best pictures; it’s easy to tell if they like the gift or not as you’ll be able to spot it around their house if they do.

Think about more creative ways to give them a photo of their favourite children, by the way, such as printing their pictures on a new coffee mug, a t-shirt or even on a pillow.

That way, you’ll be appealing to her natural love for coffee and decoration as well as their sentimental side and can consider this the best gift you’ve given her so far. Don’t even try to outdo yourself next year; it’s not possible. Have a look at this handy site with a list of gifts for Mum, by the way, if you need even more tips in order to get it right.

Find her some homemade candy.

Luckily, all Mums love everything that’s homemade by their kids - and it really doesn’t matter how old you are either.

Everybody loves candy too, and there is nothing better than indulging in something homemade - especially when it’s your birthday. While you may bake her a cake and go all out, the cake tends to disappear in a day or two. Candy, on the other hand, preferably put in attractive jars with little ribbons on them, can stay in her home for a while still.

It’s actually not that difficult to make either, and you probably know very well what she prefers. Have a look at this article for some recipes right away so that you can start cooking up a batch as soon as possible. She’ll definitely love it since it’s made by you.

Or buy her some new clothes.

Finally, your Mum will most likely trust your sense of style so giving her clothes is quite a safe bet as long as you know what she likes.

Receiving clothes as a gift is actually really great as you get to wear something fantastic you may never have thought of buying for yourself, in the first place, but realise that it’s perfect as soon as you put it on.

Try to find something that she wouldn’t usually just buy out of the blue, though, such as a new dress or maybe a fancy sweater. We tend to trust the judgement of others, and when you bought it for her, she’ll feel great in it in any way.

Plus, you may be able to borrow it from her if you wear the same size and play your cards right. It’s a win-win for both of you.