3 Jobs That Sociable People Will Love

In most jobs, you’ll be working with the same people every single day. That’s not a problem if you get on well with your colleagues, but some people wish they had the chance to get out there and meet new people. If only there were some jobs where you could spend all day getting out of the office and meeting lots of new interesting people. Luckily for you, some jobs offer precisely that. These are the jobs that are best suited to social butterflies. 

Public Relations

Public image is incredibly important for any business these days which is why public relations manager is such a vital role. If you get a job as a PR manager, it’ll be your role to meet with people that the company might want to partner with on ad campaigns, write press releases, liaise with the media and deal with any scandals that might hurt the image of the company. Every day is different, and you’ll get the chance to work with a variety of people and personalities. It’s the perfect job for somebody that wants to meet with lots of interesting people during the work day because a large part of your job involves taking clients out and trying to convince them to work with you. You’ll also get invited to a lot of parties and events which is a great perk of the job. 

Social Worker

Becoming a social worker gives you the opportunity to meet people too, but not the same kinds of people that you would necessarily meet when you’re working as a PR manager. You’ll get the chance to meet lots of people in your local community and help them to improve their lives in a real and meaningful way. Making those people feel comfortable around you is an important part of the job, so it’s perfect for somebody with a sociable personality. You’ll need to get qualified before you can start applying for jobs which can be a struggle for people moving into a new career in later life. However, you can do an MSW online instead of going back into education full-time. Being able to get your qualification from home in your own time while still working makes things a whole lot easier for you. 

Sales Representative

Social people are often put off by the traditional office dynamic. Sitting in the same office with the same people day in, day out sounds like an absolute nightmare to them. If you agree, a job as a sales representative is ideal for you. Instead of being cramped up in the office, you can hit the open road and meet a different set of clients every single day. The other major benefit of being a travelling sales representative is that it’s more flexible than other jobs. This is a big concern for a lot of people these days, especially as the traditional 9 to 5 working day is starting to fall out of fashion. 

If you’re fed up with seeing the same people every single day, why not consider switching to one of these jobs instead.