How to create free time when you are a parent


As a parent of any age, the job of raising a new child can be tough. Time can feel like it is continuously slipping through your fingers as you attempt to juggle family, work and a social life. 

Some of the more difficult challenges can come from the unexpected. Perhaps you have had to contact the divorce solicitors. Maybe you’re in the process of getting your career off the ground, while also caring for your child. Or you could be trying to meet the right someone, and continue a social life outside the kids. 

In any case, and whatever your particular circumstances, there’s one thing all parents need more of — time.

So, how do we create more time? 

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is, as the saying goes, the thief of time. By putting off the chores, the dreaded phone calls, the appointments, you are only creating a loophole that will lead back to more stress. 

Most of us have had to learn to overcome procrastination at some point in our lives. Try to limit time on social media, turn off Netflix and focus. Planning a holiday can sometimes help with procrastination as it gives you an end goal to work towards. 

If you feel compelled to do something else, write it down. After completing your tasks, you can revisit your "something else" list and see if it is still worth your time. 

The To-Do List

Why should we create a to-do list? It has been proven that seeing lists and crossing off the items once you have completed them can be beneficial psychologically. 

Begin the day with what you would like to achieve for the day. If you are feeling super organised, write out a checklist the day before, or, better yet, use a sophisticated project management system to help you keep on track.

Manage Your Hobbies

What do you do when you’ve finished your work for the day and put the baby to sleep? Do you spend the remaining time idly scrolling through funny videos on YouTube, or spacing out in front of Netflix?

Well, these pastimes might be entertaining, but are they going to make your life better, or help you to live out any of your dreams?

As a parent, your time is now more valuable than ever before. Those precious free hours of yours are the same you have available to spend learning a new language, writing that novel of yours, or becoming an entrepreneur.

Edit your hobbies and pastimes ruthlessly. Keep only the best and most uplifting in place. 

How do you like to create more time?