Best Airport Hacks For Stress-free Travel

airport travel

If there’s one part of a holiday that is always the most stressful, it’s airport travel. Time spent at the airport can be a total nightmare, especially when you’ve got kids in tow and flights are delayed. It can put a damper on the beginning of your trip, leaving everyone feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

Airport travel can be made a little more comfortable, just by following these few steps. Below are some useful hacks that will make your trips to the airport more enjoyable- even with your little ones in tow

Arrive early

Often, the most stressful part of arriving at the airport is the fact that you end up turning up a little later than planned, which means everything is a mad rush. Instead of arriving late, take steps to ensure that you arrive early. Pack everything the day before, double check you’ve got everything, and then place bags in the car, so they are ready to leave the next day. If it’s a morning flight you’re getting, pack a snack box with breakfast the night before so that you can feed everyone once you’re on the road. You can do the same for lunch or dinner time flights. This is cheaper and easier than eating at the airport too. 

Book a hotel

If your flight is in the middle of the night or super early in the morning, it pays to book a hotel that is near to the airport. That way, you don’t have to get up as early for the flight as your hotel will be close. It’s also worth shopping around when booking a hotel, to ensure that you get the best value for your money. You may find that a budget-friendly motel may cost the same as a more beautiful place to stay, like the Phoenix Airport Marriott hotel. Take the take the time to determine which is the best option for you, taking price, location and comfort into account. 

Keep the kids occupied

One of the most important things when travelling with kids is also the simplest: keep them occupied. Kids only cause problems because they get bored. However, if you take the time to pack a bag full of different activities for them, you can ensure that this isn’t an issue. While an iPad or tablet is a must if you have one, it’s also a good idea to pack items like colouring books, story books, and small figurines for them to play with. Travel board games can also be fun and a great way to keep your little ones occupied. 

There you have it, a few handy hacks for making airport travel less stressful for you and your little ones. Travelling is always going to be slightly stressful, but the tips above should help to reduce some of the stress that you feel when jetting off somewhere. Enjoy your holiday!