Dealing with Hard Times at Work


There are so many aspects to working in an office or location that aren’t part of the job description that can affect your well being. There are the social situations, the meetings and the general business of a working environment, plus actually doing the job you were employed to do... So, let’s take a look at how you can challenge some of these distractions for a more productive workplace.

Unfortunately, there are difficult people in every workplace. They might not intend to cause problems - sometimes they might - but they do anyway. They can create situations for you which don’t only distract you from your tasks but also actively cause you problems at work. Learning how to handle these situations will help you with the difficult people. Unpacking the situation to find precisely what the problem is, is an excellent way to start. You might then find you need to have an awkward conversation or speak to a line manager, but at least you are armed with the knowledge of how you can resolve your issue.

Difficulties in the workplace don’t just come in the form of interactions; there are many other situations you can find yourself in through no fault of your own. For example, if a health and safety procedure hasn’t been followed, you could find yourself with an unexpected injury. In a situation like this, face the problem head-on. If you notice an issue, then report it, or if it is too late and you have been hurt at work, it is your right to look into an injury at work claim. Similar to dealing with difficult people, you are not responsible for the work of others and if you have been negatively affected by someone else you should deal with it appropriately.

Finally, if your life changes don’t let you working life dictate how you handle it. There is a wide range of industry and jobs out there so don’t be tied down to one company if it doesn’t suit your needs. You may need to look into flexible working due to a change in your home or for any number of personal reasons, and if your workplace can’t accommodate your needs, then it might just be time for you stop accommodating for theirs. With the rise of technology in the workplace, many of the skills we use in our jobs are transferable so looking elsewhere doesn't need to be as daunting as it once was.

You are allowed to be you, and your work shouldn’t tell you otherwise. Difficulties arise in the workplace, and the way we as individuals deal with that is up to us. Being professional and respectful is important but so is being able to lay your head on your pillow at night, confident that you have taken care of your responsibilities and not worrying about the next working day.