The Bourke Street Tragedy

During the past few days, my news feed has been inundated with horrifically sad stories surrounding the attack on Bourke Street. One man's terrible decision has caused many innocent lives to be lost- including a 3-month-old baby.  The image of a pram tipped over, split in two, is an image no Australian will forget. 

Lately, the world seems to be in chaos. Every week there seems to be a new terror attack or a freak accident that takes innocent lives.  My heart feels heavy for the loss of strangers and I've found myself questioning what sort of life my daughter will have and how every decision we make can impact our lives forever. 

With the media available at a click of a finger and with the news heavily relying on negative stories to increase views,  it is no wonder people feel immersed in a world of heartache and tragedy. 

But today I came across a Facebook status written by one of the bystanders, Henry Dow, on the attack in Bourke Street.  He doesn't focus on the sickening details of the tragedy and instead focuses on the hope. The compassion. The human connection that we have that allows us to feel and empathise with the pain or tragedy that has just unfolded. 

"Their was no evil on Bourke street yesterday; one sick young man did a terrible thing, and hundreds responded with the love and sense of community that makes Melbourne such a beautiful city, and Victoria such a great State"

He touches on his own personal story of the tragedy and how he and many others helped the victims.

"I felt only love when an older man hugged me, having just told a father he had lost a daughter. Many images and sounds will stay with me much longer than I might like, but I am glad to have seen, and hope I never forget, just how brave and loving strangers can be"

It is stories like this that give me a sense of renewed hope. We have a world laced with so much hate and so much fear, that stories like this are rare and few between. The media may not report it, the news may skim over it but behind every horror story is a group of beautiful souls who comforted strangers in their final moments, kept loved ones alive and held somebody's child in their arms. 

These are the people I choose to focus on. These are the people that reconfirm my belief in humanity and my belief that there is hope for the world my daughter will grow old in. Hold your loved ones a little tighter and a little longer and show them the true meaning of empathy and compassion. 

To read Henry Dow's full status please click here!