Project Celeb Encounters

Who doesn't love a good ole celebrity story?

We have decided to run a series of blogs where people can submit their celebrity stories (anon if they wish). Everyone has met a celebrity at some point, it could be a D grade boy babe or it could literally be royalty - we want to hear them all. So grab a glass of wine, a coffee or whatever tickles your tonsils and let's get started on Project Celeb Encounters.

My celeb encounter takes us back to the sweet old year of 2012. It had been a day of boozing and dancing at the annual Parklife festival (RIP) and we had decided as seasoned festival veterans to head out to the clubs afterwards. Still in festival gear we wound up in a nightclub within the twisting valley of Brisbane where the true festival soldiers had stumbled to pursue the dream of an everlasting party. We entered the club and attempted mingling whilst still half shuffling to the strobe lights and downing drinks that now tasted like water. I felt a tap on my shoulder and there stood my friend, bright eyed and excited trying to introduce me to a hip rapper wearing glasses. He offered his hand whilst she whispered "It's Chiddy Bang". I awkwardly shook his hand and gave him a "I know you aren't really Chiddy Bang" look and in my disgust at this "imposer" tricking my friend, I turned my back to him and ignored him for the rest of the night. 

Well turns out it was Chiddy Bang. He spent the night talking to my friend and I awkwardly convulsed on the dance floor attempting to woo someones attention. No hard feelings Chiddy, I just didn't expect to see you partying with the scrums of left over festival goers.

So what random encounters have you entailed? Feel free to email us at your own personal celeb encounter and we will feature you (and your blog if you have one) on our website. You can also tag #celebencounter on any of your own personal posts and @acoldcupofchloe (Instagram) or acoldcupofchlo3 (twitter) for us to check out!